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Catheter Forceps And Laryngoscope
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Delicate Dissecting Forceps
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Tissue Forceps
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Tongue Depressors
Towel Clamps
Sponge Holding Forceps
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Tonsil Artery Forceps
Mice Needle Holders
Needle Holders
Dissectors Suture Instruments
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Cholecystectomy And Gall Stone
Intestinal Clamps
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Vaginal Retractor And Uterine Dilators
Uterine Dilators Probes
Uterine Dilators Complete Sets
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Cervical Biopsy Forceps
Uterine Scoops And Curettes
Uterine Curettes
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Hysterectomy Clamps
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Bone Holding Forceps
Bone Rongeurs
Disc Rongeurs
Bone Cutting Forceps
Plaster Cast Removal Instruments
Rib Spreaders
Bronchus Ligature Tissue And Holding Forceps
Atrauma Bulldog Clamps
Atrauma Hemostatic Cardiovascular Forceps
Atrauma Cardiovascular Forceps
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Atrauma Tissue Forceps
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Root Elevators Set Extraction Set
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Handles Reference Guide
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Needle Holders
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Cavity Preparation Instruments
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Amalgam Crriers
Dental Cartridge Syringes
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   About Us

History & About Us :-
Operational Surgical ® is a private limited firm covering almost 63,330sq. ft. area and We are successfully running our second-generation family business with an exporting history since 1992.

Our beloved father initiated the business in 1971 and started to work as a vendor for other exporters in the region. Within the next a few years we took a step forward, and started to supplying our instruments by ourselves in the local market. As our expertise enhanced and our market understanding refined more, we ultimately entered in the international market almost in 1992 with our quality products and now enjoying a very good fame all over the world.

At now we have two production units, and there are almost 450 skilled workers and qualified management personnel in both the units (Unit1 – 350; Unit2 – 50). We mostly do work with German manufacturers and most of our engineers and other technical staff has got training from Germany, and often our customers send their technicians here to get them trained. Also often we send our workers to Germany for technical training.

We are involved in the manufacturing of Top Quality Surgical, Dental and Veterinary Instruments. Surgical instruments including all types of Operation Theatre instruments of Orthopedic, Ophthalmology, Gynecology, Cardiovascular, ENT, Dental Surgery, General Surgery, Dental Oral Surgery, and Orthodontic Surgery etc…

We manufacture instruments in a highly Quality Control Environment and use most modern machines under the supervision of highly qualified professionals. We also have a fully equipped Quality Research Lab. to control the quality of instruments at each and every step.

Joint Venture We have made a semi-joint venture with German manufacturing company of Surgical and Dental instruments, and due to this joint venture and adopting the same German working methodology, our quality is not less than any Tuttlingen-Germany made company.

Stainless Steel We are using top quality medical grade stainless steel with defined specifications to produce our high quality products. We import steel directly from the best quality steel manufacturers in the world, like Carpenter in USA, Bronner & Martin, Stahl Krebs KG, & Krupp Thyssen Nirosta in

“Manufacturers / Exporters Of Surgical / Dental / Beauty &
Veterinary Instruments Of All Sorts”,

Germany and Boneputis in France.. We mostly use the steel type AISI-410, AISI-420, AISI-304, AISI-303 and AISI 440 series with defined specifications as per customer’s requirements. We select the material for different instruments according to guidelines of ASTM standard F899-94 and ISO 7153 standard. We always maintain the customer’s specified hardness of the instruments, and provide the instruments in all finish types like Satin. Mirror, Sand Blast etc…To further ensure the quality of our instruments, we perform all the requisite tests including Hardness Test, Boil Test, CuSO4 Test and all else deem necessary.

Quality Achievements For global customer satisfaction, we have achieved the landmark of Quality Standard such as BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and Regulatory standard such as ISO 13488, FDA’s GMP and placed on Attachment "B" of FDA Import Alert 76-01 for Free movement of our products in USA and are fulfilling all the requirements of MDD 93/42/EEC to mark CE on the products. We are now striving for TQM and marching towards the goal of Bench Marking.

Laser Marking System We are also please to state that our company is the first and the single organization in Pakistan who are using the sophisticated technology of Laser Marking to mark their instruments. We have bought this system from Schilling Marking Systems, Germany. It will give you a better idea about what sophisticated technology we use, and how much we are advance in producing instruments.

Laser Brazing & Welding System This system is used in the production of Hollow Handle, and it ensures the 100% leakage control. This is a very sophisticated technology, and enhances the quality of the instruments.

Induction Heating System TC Needle Holders, TC Orthopedic Pliers and Wire Cutters are manufactured and refined using this most modern and sophisticated technology. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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